Nipple Jewelry Is It Worth It

Nipple jewelry is very popular. It went out of fashion for a little while. But as piercing has once again become popular, nipple piercing is also back. Far from all of have their nipples pierced, but there are still a fair number of who have had their nipples pierced. If you are thinking about having a piercing done, and especially nipple piercing, you should always make sure you have it done by a professional. After you have had your nipples pierced, do remember to look after the piercing.


Where Can I Buy Nipple Jewelry?


Nipple jewelry is hard to come by on the high street. If you want to buy quality nipple jewelry, you should do what do. Almost all buy their nipple jewelry from quality online retailers that specialise in jewelry for piercings. Not only do they sell nipple jewelry, but they also sell other jewelry suitable for belly button piercing and other piercings. Two of the online retailers you should check out are Etsy and Bodycandy. Etsy is a great place to pick up none mass-produced body jewelry.


Non-Permanent Nipple Jewelry


Of course, not all nipple jewelry is permanent. Some do not want to have piercings done, and other are into other kinds of piercing. It is not uncommon for girls to have other parts of their body pierced such as their clitoris, tongue and nose. Too many piercings can cause a problem and you have to be selective. If you still want to put some sparkle on your nipples, you could try none permanent nipple jewelry. Popular options include tassels and chains. Once again, Bodycandy is a great website to find all of body jewelry.


Do’s And Don’ts


If you have had your nipples pierced and wear jewelry all of the time, you need to look after the piercing. For instance, too much nibbling and sucking may cause an infection or make the pierced area sore. Be honest with anybody who would like to “play” with your piercing. Tell him that this is a delicate area and he needs to be careful. Also be careful when you go into a sauna. like to stay healthy and use saunas on a regular basis. But, a hot sauna will not only heat up your body, it will heat up the metal in your nipple jewelry as well. Always make sure you take it out.


Why do we like piercings and body jewelry? It is hard to say. Decorating your body is not something new. Before were into piercings, they were into other forms of body art. In fact, body art in all its forms has a long history. It has been practiced all over the world for many thousands of years. Some forms of body art are associated with tribal practices. If you would like to see some interesting examples of piercing, check out the website Pinterest. You may just find some examples to inspire you.


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